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Magento and WordPress Integrated Search Extension.
Magento WordPress Integrated Search. Integrate your Magento and WordPress search results into a single search system with this easy to setup extension. Once installed, each time your customer uses your Magento search form, they will see the blog search results as well as the product search results.
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GitHub algolia/algoliasearch-magento: Algolia Search integration for Magento 1 compatible with versions from 1.6.x to 1.9.x.
Official website: community.algolia.com/magento. Note: if your store is running under Magento version 2, please check our Algolia for Magento 2 extension. Algolia is a search engine API as a service capable of delivering realtime results from the first keystroke. This extension replaces the default search of Magento with a typo-tolerant, fast relevant search experience backed by Algolia.
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Magento Search Extension InstantSearch.
If you answered yes to the above questions, youve probably already tried to make your native Magento search work better by tuning SOLR Search on M1, or Elastic Search on M2, or even by buying an inexpensive one-time perpetual Magento Search Extension license.
21 Best Marketing Extensions for Magento AdWords Automation news and blog.
Magento Email Templates helps in achieving these long-term business benefits. The extension uses targeted promotions, customer segmentation, and search engine optimization to help attract and allure customers to continue browsing through the displayed products, even after they have already performed a transaction.
15 Best Magento Extensions You Must Have in 2019.
This means they can find exactly what they are looking for in no time! If you yearn to provide faster and advanced level Magento search extension, you must choose to integrate this beauty. This extension integrates Solr search with your Magento store, giving you enterprise level search functionalities.
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Best Search Extensions for Magento Shero Commerce.
It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, free extension updates, and free lifetime support. Mageworks Search AutoComplete Magento Extension is useful if the store owner wants to increase the chances of website visitors instantly finding what they want.
Elasticsearch Magento extension.
Excellent code quality, easy to integrate and it does what's' been described on the box; If you need a fast industry standard drop-in replacement for the default magento search with ElasticSearch base, you should take an eye on this nice extension.
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10 Magento Search Extensions to Add Power to Your Store's' in 2019.
The first in the list of Magento search extensions is AJAX Scroll by Amasty which adds several important navigation and UI elements that are missing from the default Magento 1 interface. This extension adds great value to Magento stores by streamlining the user experience for the visitors.
Magento Search Extension by Nextopia Boost Conversions.
Fill out the form below for a product demo, or give us a call at 800-360-2191. Site Search Designed for Magento Stores. Nextopias Search Extension seamlessly integrates with Magento stores to boost your conversions and give your customers what they want.:
Advanced Search.
Searching products is a main thing you need to enhance for your Magento store. By installing Advanced Search extension for Magento by MageHit, you can give customers the best searching tool to search for products in you store. With the support of Advanced Search extension for Magento by MageHit, your website is more optimized and flexible in searching products, product categories, or csm pages.
Sooqr for Magento: Magento instant and faceted search extension.
Our Sooqr for Magento extension for our Sooqr Search. Sooqr for Magento is easy to set up, just pick your version: Magento 1 or Magento 2. The extension is free! Just install, start your signup and we'll' have it up and running asap!
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